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Not the people being in the newspapers, but the people creating and realising the project give a face to it. On this account, we would like to say thank you to all the people who let the idea of the blinking building come true. Special tnanks goes to...

Dave, who helped to build up TroiCade in Magdeburg, but never saw the bluebox.

Ronald, who fitted a new door into a corridor, so that we were able to use the old office premises of the bank, in whose former counter area is now a small shop.

Kathe for translating the websites.

Sven, who organised cutting the 686 yellow foils into the right size and sticking them to the windows with needles in heaps.

Andy "Bärbel", Christian, Christoph, Christopher, Dave, Isa, Jule, Kai, Karl, Malte, Oleg, Sabine, Stefan, Suse, Svenja, Thomas und Winnie, who helped Sven with all those foils, cleaned up the bulding, cutted the cable into 686 peaces in the right lenght, fixed plugs and reflector lamps, prepared the lamps, sawed roof tiles for installing the lamps in the rooms and have always been there, when any help was needed.

Bärbel, who catered for the busy people on the height of the setup with jars of soup and made front garden, entrance and garage available for delivered material.

Eva und Chris, who attend to the reflector lamps with full dedication.

Charly und Lars, who installed the roof tiles in all the rooms.

Tobias for the good connection with the press.

the WebUni-Contest-Team under the direction of Brenda for the great support with the WebUni-Contest.

Björn, Christian, Birgit und Alex, who followed the setup with their camera.

Uli, who helped fixing the foils and cutted a great short movie out of the material.

Wolf for a lot of wonderful pictures.

Martin, our president, who supported us from Japan.

all, who created movies and especially to Sandra und Efelon for the stereoscopic movies.

to all sponsors, donators and supporters.

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