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The best possibility to ask questions and solve problems is the BlinkenArea forum or the bluebox thread of the webuni magdeburg. If you drop your question there and we answer, it can be read by others having the same question. That will save us the work of answering repeatedly the same questions. In the forum it is also more likely that someone has the time to answer your query.

To all

If you consider your question as not suitable for the forum, you can send it to bluebox (at) blinkenarea.org. The email will be delivered to several people. Hence it is possible to receive several answers or maybe the answer will take some time.

Contact persons

[Juliane Pilster] Juliane Pilster
juliane (at) blinkenarea.org
Stephan Kambor
st (at) blinkenarea.org
[Stephan Kambor]
[Stefan Schürmans] Stefan Schürmans
stefan (at) blinkenarea.org

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