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bluebox phone number:
0900 5555 99 42
(99 Cent/Min while calling from a German landline)

bluebox has blinked from the 1st of December 2006 to 30th of June 2007.

Welcome to the bluebox project website. Here you will find information about the Project and its background. At the Download site we collected articles published in the press, pictures, videos and software. Who wants to create a movie oneself, should read the instructions at the Participate page. To watch bluebox movies, you can use the Simulator. Furthermore we listed our Sponsors, stated our contact data and at the End you can find out what happens to bluebox afterwards.

Play Pong, Pacman and Symmetris

On the building you can play Pong (with 5 balls, because it's getting boring with only one ball at this wide building), Pacman and Symmetris, similar to Tetris.


When you dial 0900 55559942 Pong will be started. Press 5 on your phone to move your paddel up and press 8 to move it down. If you are the first person who calls, you will operate the left paddel and the computer the right one. If there is another person calling while you're playing, this user will control the right paddel and play against you. As soon as one of the players hangs up, the computer will take over his paddel. Movies will continue from the playlist, whenever both player had hung up.


To start Pacman call 0900 55559942 and press *1# after Pong started and it will switch to Pacman. In the beginning Pacman will be always located at the left side. Press the buttons 2,4,6 and 8 on your phone to move the figure.


To play Symmetris call 0900 55559942 and press *2# after Pong started and it will switch to Symmetris. The rules of the games are the same as for the famous Tetris, but you have to align the blocks in the center of the bluebox building, not at the bottom. This is due to the resolution and the blocks will fall from both sides. It is up to you on which side you want to concentrate. Press 6 on your phone to turn the current stone and move it up with 2 resp. down with 8. Once you finished a column it will vanish. When the whole bluebox screen is full of blocks, you have lost and may start the game again. If you hang up, the playlist will continue.

Your animation on the bluebox

If you want to greet somebody or display a love message on the building, then you have to create a movie in the bml-format which contains your message. Read the instructions at the Participation page to find out, how to create the movie. The completed movie should be send via Email to bluebox 'at' blinkenarea.org. You will receive a code from us (i.e. 12345, it is possible to request for a preferred code, if it is still available). With this code, you are able to start the movie by using your phone. At the desired moment call 0900 55559942 (first Pong will start), then enter *Code# (i.e. *12345#) to start your personal message.

Adopt a window of the bluebox

[bluebox Fensterpatenschaften] Since the beginning of the project it is possible to "adopt" one or more of the 686 windows. With a sponsorship of 10 EUR (or 13 USD) you can support the project as well as the work of the Magdeburger Club and the BlinkenArea. The raised money will flow into public welfare as soon as each window found its sponsor. The names of the sponsors so far are written inside the windows on the graphic already (click to enlarge). An original of the graphic is placed in the bluebox glassbox.

If you like to adopt one or more windows, please send an email to fensterpate 'at' magdeburgerclub.de. containing your name, your address and your preferred window-text. To choose a window click [here] and state the exact designation of the window(s) in your email as well. You will find the name written inside the windows, which are still available.

Subsequently you will receive a confirmation email in which we confirm your sponsorship and provide the bank account details for transferring the money. As soon we received your donation, we can send you a deed of donation as a .pdf-file if you wish.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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